Academic supervision

Since 2018, I have supervised these Bachelor students in their final projects:

  • Jerich, Miguel, Jonathan, Wendy, Joshua, Kevin Eka
  • Jason Hartono, Florenzo Dwipanjung, Kevin Wijaya (graduated in 2020)
  • Ivan Suryo Hutomo, Pricilia Alvina (graduated in 2019)

I also have supervised teams of students to follow these national competitions:

  • “Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa” held by Dikti (1 team – 2020): Thomas, Sugi, Christo
  • “National PLC Programming Competition” held by Unesa (2nd place – 2019), Polinema (4th place – 2019): Yoan and Joshua
  • “National PLC Programming Competition” in ITB (2nd place – 2007, 2010): Dharma Gunawan and Jimmy Sulistya Wijaya